Ways to Detect an Infestation

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As we inch toward warmer weather, it becomes more likely to see insects invade our homes and yard. The first step toward dealing with it is to identify it. This may seem challenging, but there are a few simple signs you can look for to tell you not just if your home is infested with insects but what sort of insects you’re dealing with.


Droppings are usually associated with larger pests, such as mice. However, insects still leave droppings too, and if you clean up often enough, you can start to notice. They’re likely to be small black or brown specks. In some cases, the type of droppings will be enough to help you determine which insects you’re dealing with.

Damage to Wood and Plants

Many insects eat wood or plants. Whether you’re dealing with a nasty termite infestation and the pests are chewing through your foundation, or you have an infestation of beetles that have taken it upon themselves to feast on your flower garden, damage to wood and plants is a sure sign that you have insects around. 

Nearby Breeding Grounds

An infestation won’t happen if the insects have nowhere to breed. Many insects, such as mosquitos, thrive around stagnant water, such as ponds. You should also look for debris piles, bushes, nests, hives, and ant hills. Not all of these will necessarily mean you have an infestation, but if the insects live and breed nearby, you could very well. 

Living or Dead Insects

Of course, the most obvious way to detect an insect infestation is to find the insects in question, whether they’re crawling around your house or dead under a window. The presence of a few insects means there is likely more hiding from view. If you notice a lot of them or find some insects in tandem with a few of these other warning signs, it’s time to call an exterminator.

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