How to Spider-Proof Your Home

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How to Spider-Proof Your Home 

 During Halloween, it’s common to see people decorating with fake cobwebs and spiders of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Many people fear spiders, and others think they give their home a creepy aesthetic. In any case, fake spiders are preferable to an actual spider infestation. Here are some tips for keeping your house safe and spider-proof.


Keep Everything Sealed 

Spiders can squeeze through the minor cracks in your walls and windows. This means you need to block all their entrances by spreading caulk around doors, windows, and plumbing. Also, keep an eye out for damages, like ripped window screens or cracked roof tiles.


Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings 

Spiders like to hide. Whether you leave your gloves or boots outside, grow shrubbery near your house, or have a lot of clutter, these messes can make spiders go unnoticed until it’s too late.


Repel With Smells 

An easy way to keep spiders and other pests at bay is to make the house smell like something they don’t like. For spiders, peppermint and cinnamon both do the trick. You can grow mint, light some scented candles, or leave traces of peppermint oil around to keep the spiders away without using anything toxic to humans or pets.


Keep Bugs Away

It stands to reason that, as spiders eat bugs, keeping yourself free of bugs will also keep you safe from spiders. Of course, many bugs are attracted to light sources and exposed bits of food, but there are special bulbs made to repel pests, and a good cleaning routine will keep your house free from crumbs and residue.


Hire a Professional 

You can do a lot to keep spiders away, but the best thing to do is hire a professional. A-One Exterminators can help you eliminate spiders and other pests, so contact us today.