Top Reasons Why Pests Infiltrate Homes

A-One Exterminators

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a cockroach crawl on your kitchen floor while having no clue why it felt the need to infiltrate your home. Pest infestations—from flying insects to rodents—happen for many reasons. Some may be in your control, but others, like seasonal and weather changes, may require help from A-One Exterminators.

Looking for Food

Pests of all kinds can live for months on crumbs or leftover spills, as well as pet water bowls or leaky faucets. If your home offers a more accessible supply of food and water than the outdoors, pests will want to come inside to survive. Unrinsed dishes, leftover coffee grounds, overripe foods, and unsealed pet food are like gifts to pests. Seal all food in plastic containers and keep garbage outside and away from the house. Rodent droppings will also attract roaches and flies—which love to lay eggs in cardboard boxes; if you have a space set aside for long-term storage, it may also be at risk of infestation. Keep your home clean, check bathrooms for potential persistent water drips, and inspect pantries for loose foods.

Changes to Environment

Changes in seasons, weather, and habitat influence infestations. As winter approaches and as many areas in Oregon are being converted for business and residential purposes, pests come into homes for basic food, water, and shelter. Mice and rats have been known to look for warm places to spend the fall and winter.

Slam the Door

Ajar doors, open attic vents, improperly sealed door screens and windows, and open garage doors are invitations to pests entering your home. If your foundation harbors small holes, crevices, or cracks, or if your doorways, plumbing, sewer lines, and drainpipes aren’t properly sealed, then pests will find these points of entry when the weather grows colder. Keep your doors closed and look for cracks to prevent infestation.

Call an Exterminator!

If you’ve sealed the food, slammed the doors, but still suffer from a pest problem, call an Exterminator for help.