Common Pests in the Fall

A-One Exterminators

Although we tend to associate the colder weather with chasing away the creepy crawlers of our worst nightmares, fall can bring with it a whole new array of pest problems to watch out for in Southern Oregon.

Not Your Adorable Mickey

Despite everyone’s favorite legendary Disney duo being mice, sharing your home with a mouse or a family of mice is far less charming. It can even cause illness, lower your home value, and can cause climate issues.

An adult mouse can squeeze into your home through a hole no larger than a dime. That means any little space leading to the outdoors in your home could be seen as an opportunity for these furry little critters. To keep out these unwanted visitors, make sure any cracks or holes are sealed before cold weather hits.

Mice like to burrow where it’s warm, one of the most common places for mice to live is inside your insulation. That being said, once cool fall days begin to seep in, so do mice.

Eight Legged Enemies

Spiders perform a lot of useful functions and can even help rid us of other pests, but having them in your home can put your children and pets in danger.

Like mice, spiders will look for new homes in the fall to stay warm. This could mean that your house provides the perfect new residence for their humble abode.

Since spiders’ main source of food is other pests, it is best to try to eliminate their food source before trying to eliminate them. Work to keep your home free from any crumbs or leftover food that could be sure to draw the attention of ants or flies, a delightful dinner for a spider.

Home Is for Family, Not Pests

As the leaves change and kids go off to school, it is time to start thinking about the colder days approaching. If you have any questions or concerns on how to keep your home free from unwanted visitors this fall, contact A-One Exterminators today.