Two Pest Control Areas to Watch for This Spring

A-One Exterminators

As the weather gets warmer, trees bud leaves, and flowers bloom, it is clear that spring is here! This is one of the most enjoyable times of year for people to get out, smell the roses, and enjoy the weather. One thing to remember as the weather warms up is that your yard and home are prime environments for pests. Keeping pests under control during this time isn’t always easy, but here are two pest control areas to watch for this spring.

Take Care of Stagnant Water

The snowmelt can cause pools of stagnant water in your yard and gutters. Caring for these areas of stagnant water can help prevent bugs, like mosquitoes, from breeding and hanging around your home as much. Mosquitoes love warm, moist climates, so any water that is still there as it gets warmer will attract these nasty pests.

Keep Your Lawn Cleaned Up 

Keeping your lawn cleaned up is an essential part of preventing pests from calling your yard home. All the rotting debris in your yard from fall that is moist from the snowmelt is the perfect home for bugs and other animals to make their habitat. Mowing your lawn is also a vital part of keeping pests out of your yard. The taller the grass, the easier it is for all kinds of bugs to make a habitat out of your lawn.

Pests can be a real drag this spring season, but they don’t have to be. Protect your home from pests today. Here at A-ONE Exterminators, we help you get rid of the pests that just won’t quit. Our promise is to be eco-friendly while keeping your pests under control, and this has been our promise for over 30 years. If you’re living in Southern Oregon and need an exterminator for your home, be sure to contact us!