Oregon Pests to Watch Out for This Season

A-One Exterminators

Rodents, insects, and other annoying pests are notoriously active during the spring and summer, but they can be just as intrusive in the fall. As the temperatures drop to signal the arrival of autumn, these pests don’t simply disappear – they find dry, covered spots to lay low and wait out the season. Unfortunately, your home is not only a warm, comfortable haven for your family, it’s a particularly inviting environment for a wide variety of pests that can damage your property and harm your loved ones.


Fall is the prime time for rodent activity. Their quest to avoid freezing drives mice and rats to seek consistent sources of shelter, heat, and food, meaning they stay active longer and for more hours in the day and are motivated to sneak into a variety of hidden spots. These pests can find numerous creative ways to invade your home, from slipping through cracks in walls, ceilings, and windows to crawling through vents, sewer lines, and drains.


Termites remain active even in the coldest temperatures, but they do adjust their behavior during fall by nesting deeper in the ground for access to warmth and altering their tunnels for easier access to food sources – the wood in your home. They favor areas of wood-to-ground contact, including porch steps, decks, and doorframes, but can also enter your home through cracks in your foundation or holes in concrete or brick mortar.

Carpenter Ants

Another pest that nests in the wood in your home, carpenter ants prefer to build their satellite colonies in areas with soft wood, condensation, poor ventilation, and access to soil and the outdoors. The most common places to find them are your roof, attic, basement, crawlspace, foundation, porch, doors, and windows, but they are especially drawn to old wooden baseboards, deteriorated siding, and areas with water leaks.

If you notice signs of a pest infestation in your home, contact A-One Exterminators immediately for an inspection by our trained technicians. Our family-owned company has provided residents of Southern Oregon with effective, affordable, and non-toxic pest control services for over thirty years, and we are ready to help you successfully handle any kind of infestation that may be plaguing your home.