5 Ways to Keep Spring Pests Away

A-One Exterminators

After a long winter, everyone is happy to see spring make an appearance. Unfortunately, that includes pests. Many pests lie dormant in the winter and return to haunt homeowners in the spring, but we have a list of 5 ways to combat the return of these unwanted visitors.

  1. Spring Cleaning

Yes, the first thing you can do to ward offspring pests is something you do every year, clean! Clutter in the yard and home gives pests more room to hide, so give them a reason to go elsewhere by removing accumulated junk and debris.

  1. Inspect the Outside of Your Home

Winter can be damaging to the exterior of your house, creating weaknesses that pests can exploit and enter the home. Check for cracks in your exterior building materials. Worn windowpanes and open areas underneath doors are also open invitations.

  1. Inspect the Inside of Your Home

As you bring in outside winter decorations, check them for stowaways. Then check your attic for rodents and your basement for insects such as silverfish and spiders.

  1. Control Food and Waste

Pests returning from dormancy require food and water. Be mindful of how you store your food, including pet food. Air-tight containers provide the best protection. Clean up spills right away and ensure your garbage containers are closed tightly.

  1. Curb Moisture

Pests are naturally drawn to standing water, whether for drinking or because they thrive in a damp environment. Cleaning your gutters and maintaining your plumbing are great ways to combat an invasion of pests.

Pest management is not an easy task, but if you take the time to learn how to combat an infestation, that can make your job much easier. But even the most vigilant homeowner can be faced with a pest control problem. If you find yourself in such a situation, call A-One Exterminators and learn what we can do to help.