How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes This Summer

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The weather is warming up, and many Oregon residents are ready to enjoy warmer temperatures and nicer weather. However, while you may be ready to enjoy warmer weather, so are the mosquitoes here. As a coastal state with a variable climate, Oregon has plenty of places where mosquitoes like to gather and breed, and the mosquito season generally extends from early April, when the winter starts to melt away, until the late fall, when temperatures begin to drop again.

If you want to enjoy spending time outside your home this summer, it’s a good idea to take precautions against mosquitoes. These flying pests are more than annoying, and their bites are more than just itchy. They also carry many diseases, so there are many reasons to keep them away from you, your loved ones, and your pets this summer. A few simple additions to your outdoor spaces may help you minimize disruptions from mosquitoes this summer.

Citronella Oil Products

Citronella oil is an essential oil that you can find in stores in many forms. It is also a potent natural bug repellant. If you want an easy and somewhat effective method to deter mosquitoes from your home, citronella oil products can help. Some people find the smell of citronella oil unpleasant while others may enjoy it, but ultimately you are buying it for mosquito protection and not the smell. Visit a local hardware store to find citronella incense, candles, torches, and other products that can help keep mosquitoes away from you when you’re spending time outside. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions when using these products.

Mosquito Netting

If you have a covered patio and want a physical barrier between you and the mosquitoes around your yard, a mosquito netting system could be a great choice. These devices are simple yet effective. A mosquito net is lightweight, flexible, and easy to configure. You want to make sure the netting completely covers the area you want to protect. It’s also possible to find mosquito netting with zip-able doors for added convenience.

Pest Control Professionals

However, after trying conventional methods with little success, it’s important to contact the professionals when you need help with a serious mosquito problem. If you don’t want mosquitoes ruining your summer fun in Southern Oregon, contact A-1 Oregon Natural Exterminators to find out how our team can help.