The 6 Biggest Spring Pest Problems in Southern Oregon

A-One Exterminators

With spring approaching quickly, residents of Southern Oregon are ready for the warm weather and lush green forests. This time of year, however, brings an annual onslaught of pesky critters that no one wants in their homes. A-One exterminators has been helping homeowners and businesses control insect infestations for over thirty years, and we are here to help you. Here are some of the insects you are most likely to see in and around your home in the coming months. Let us help keep them at bay.


Silverfish are common pests that feed on various items around the house, such as glues and adhesives, carpet, wet clothing and paper, paints, dandruff, sugar, and coffee. They commonly infest moist, dark places like attics and basements.

Small Ants

Small ants start proliferating in June, so time to shine is just around the corner. Look for moving lines of worker ants along your floors and walls.


These primarily nocturnal bugs hide in moist crevices during the day and like to spend time under household items that have gathered moisture. Don’t worry about the myths that they crawl into your ears and lay eggs at night. This is untrue, but they are still certainly a nuisance.


These bugs are also nocturnal and feed on a variety of organic foods, flowers, leaves, seedlings, and grasses. If you have ever had one of these in your home, you know how annoying their chirp can be and how difficult they can be to locate.

Wood Beetles

Wood beetles look very similar to cockroaches and can be quite harmful to your home. They feed on anything made of wood, including furniture, wood trim, doors, and flooring.


These critters can be quite elusive, as they are completely nocturnal and like to stay hidden from human eyes. Although their bite is not dangerous to humans, it can be quite painful, so if you see one in your home, you will want to have them exterminated right away.

If you see any of these bugs around your house this spring, take care of the situation before it gets out of hand. A-One Exterminators takes pride in getting to the source of your infestation and delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Reach out to us today!