How to Keep Cockroaches Away

A-One Exterminators

If you suspect that you have cockroaches, you may be in a panic to get rid of them. Between your pest control professional and yourself, they can be easily maintained and gone from your home if you follow some simple steps. 

  1. Consider hiring a pest control service for regular inspections and services. Regular pest control services will help keep cockroaches away and keep them away. The best time to start pest control is before you ever have pests, so the probability of getting them is lessened.
  2. Keeping your home clean and sanitary is vital if you want to prevent cockroaches. Consider daily cleaning on a schedule to make sure your home doesn’t attract pests. 
  3. Deep clean and sanitize your kitchen regularly. Cockroaches are not only attracted to food and particles found on the surfaces in your kitchen, but they are also attracted to the food, grease, and liquids that hide under appliances. It is essential to pull out appliances and make sure that they are cleaned and sanitized regularly, so cockroaches don’t have a hidden place to live.
  4. If you do have an infestation of cockroaches, consider limiting where you eat to one area of the home. Eating in the dining room or kitchen and keeping food away from the rest of the house will also help you clean less. Even just a few crumbs by a trashcan can attract cockroaches to a bedroom. 
  5. Vacuuming your living areas every night can help keep small particles of food from laying around. After vacuuming, empty all debris into the trash and take out of your home.
  6. Because cockroaches come out to look for food at night, it is a good idea to clean in the evenings and store all leftovers and food in airtight containers or the refrigerator. 
  7. Have all cracks and other entry points around your home so that cockroaches don’t have a way to get inside. While you usually won’t find them all, regular inspecting and sealing can help keep cockroaches out of your house.