Winter Pest Problems in Southern Oregon

A-One Exterminators

If you live in Southern Oregon, you may want to know what kind of pest problems winter can bring.  This information is great if you are moving to the area or even a new home! 

  • Rodents are the most prominent winter pest problem in the Southern Oregon area.  They look for shelter to stay warm and try to find food indoors. 
  • Cockroaches are a lot like rodents.  They want to be warm and have easy access to food all winter.  They are not easy to get rid of once you have them, so preventing them is the best way to keep them out of your home.
  • Termites are well-known for destroying homes and will do so in our area as well.  Pre-treating wood is the best way to keep termites from settling in. 
  • Bed bugs are a problem in Southern Oregon.  It is hard to get rid of them, and they hie well.  You may never notice that your home is infested until you see the bites.  They hide in places that aren’t regularly accessed by people.  You may find them under dressers or living in a box spring. 
  • Ants are another pest that finds their way into homes during the winter months.  They quickly find the smallest bits of food and will travel long distances to invade your whole house. 
  • Spiders will also find their way into a home and settle down for the winter.  Hobo spiders and black widows are common in the area and like to hide in dark places in homes. 
  • Ticks can transmit Lyme disease, so it is essential to treat pets and make sure you keep rodents away from your home.  Ticks are usually carried into a house on animals.
  • Fleas are also carried into a home on animals.  If you have a house pet, they should be pre-treated with medication to get rid of fleas before they bring them into your home.  Even if you have indoor pets, it is a good idea to have flea and tick prevention for your animals.