Protecting Your Home from Rodents During the Winter in Southern Oregon

A-One Exterminators

Winter can bring some of the best opportunities to enjoy Southern Oregon, and it can bring pests into our homes.  Many people worry about rodents infesting their homes during the colder months of the year.  If you are concerned about your home, consider the following tips to keep your home as rodent-free as possible this winter!

  • Do everything you can to make sure a rodent can’t enter your home.  Check the outside and inside of your home for entry points.   Patch holes, cracks, and gaps around your windows and doors.  Seal and patch your home so that you know right away if there is a new hole because of pests.  Regular inspections of your home will allow for early detection if there is a problem.  Add it to your calendar to inspect the inside and outside of your home every week. 
  • Clutter inside or around the outside of your home can attract rodents.  Rodents are attracted to homes that have materials for nesting and water sources that they can easily access.  If you have items on your property that may make a good home for a rodent, remove them from the property or store them in a manner that rodents can’t get to them. 
  • If you do notice rodents on the outside of your home, such as in your yard, inspect the inside of your home to make sure they aren’t already in your home and get preventative help.  Call A-One Exterminators for help protecting your home right away!
  • Keep all food, even small bits from lingering in your kitchen or on your floors.  It is a good idea to make sure everyone eats in one area of your home so that you can control spills and waste that may attract rodents. 
  • Clean and take out your trash every night.  You may also benefit from keeping your trash cans away from your home.  Find a different spot for your garbage, so that it isn’t attracting pests closer to your house.