Steps to Take if You Find a Bat on Your Property

A-One Exterminators

If you find one or more bats on your property in Southern Oregon, then you may need help getting rid of them.  While they are usually harmless to humans, it is vital to make sure that you don’t handle bats.  If you notice that the bat on your property is sick or looks dead, then it is important not to touch it.

If There Is a Bat in Your Home

If a bat comes into your home by accident, open the doors and windows to get the bat out of your home.  If you have one or more living in parts of your roofing or your attic, you should have pest control to remove them. 


While it is rare that bats carry disease, it is crucial to get tested if you have a scratch or bite from a bat.  You should also keep the animal instead of letting it go so that it can be tested for rabies if it came in contact with you. 


Bat droppings may be harmful to you, the people in your household.  You could suffer from respiratory illnesses because of the droppings.  These droppings can also be in your HVAC system.  Consider having the droppings professionally cleaned once the infestation is cleared.  You may even notice that there are droppings before you ever see the bats.  If you do notice droppings from a bat or rodent, call us right away so we can let you know what it is from then we can take care of the problem before it gets bigger.

Home Improvement

Consider sealing up areas that a bat can enter your home.  You may also have damage from a bat nesting in your home and need to have some repairs once the bat problem is resolved.  Check around your home to make sure you don’t have small holes or vents that a bat can crawl inside.  A-One Exterminators can check your home to make sure there aren’t areas that bats can get into and settle.