Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

A-One Exterminators

The best way to get rid of bed bugs in Southern Oregon is to work on preventing them before you have an infestation.  Bed bugs are a bug that typically comes out at night to bite humans.  They are shaped like an oval and red-brown in color.  While you won’t get diseases from bed bugs, they are a big problem once they decide to live in your home.

Hire a Professional

Bed bugs can multiply and infest your home quickly.  They are sometimes hard to find because they hide well.  Hiring someone to help you battle bed bugs is the first step in making sure that you control the situation.

Keep Your Bed Clean

Check your whole bed, including the box spring and the bed frame.  Sanitize everything and vacuum the mattress regularly.  Wash your bedding in hot water and on the highest setting when you dry the bedding.  High heat will help keep your linens sanitized. 

If you know that there are bed bugs in your mattress, getting rid of it and starting fresh will help you control the pests you don’t see until they come out to bit you. 

Vacuuming your bed and your flooring will help you control the infestation, so using one daily until you don’t have bed bugs any longer is a great way to prevent them from taking over.  Empty your vacuum outside to make sure they don’t survive and come back into your home.

Check Your Home

When you check for bed bugs, look around your baseboards, picture frames, door frames, and windows.  Check the crevices of furniture and walls to make sure they aren’t hiding in areas that are small and go unnoticed! 

Combating bed bugs isn’t always easy, and they are typically picked up during travel, such as in hotels or on a train.  If you need assistance with bed bugs in your home, A-One Exterminators can help get rid of them and keep them gone.  Call us at the first sign so we can start the process of getting rid of the bed bugs in your home.