How to Keep Your Home Free of Pests if You Rent it Out

A-One Exterminators

Renting your home is a big decision.  You may be moving to or from the Southern Oregon area and want to rent your home to someone else, instead of selling it.  Once you’ve decided to rent your home, there are many things you can do to make sure there aren’t any pests living there too!

  1. Put pest control guidelines in the lease. If you want to do inspections of your property, have a pest control service your property, or have rules about pest control, put everything in the contract, so everyone knows when and how to control pests.  While it is usually a property owner’s responsibility to control pests, some clauses can allow you to free yourself from the burden if you can prove blatant neglect.  While that is time-consuming, and it is easier to have pest control services every month, it is important to protect your property.
  2. Check references when you start taking applications for your rental home. If you call references, ask about cleanliness and pest problems.  Calling references is the best way to make sure that the people renting your home will tell you if there is an infestation.
  3. Have pest control visit your rental regularly. If you have a home in Southern Oregon, it is a good idea to have pest control visit often.  Let your renters know well in advance that there will be a visit, so they are prepared to have someone else in the home.
  4. Make sure you have pest control services before renting your home and talk to your new renters about what they should do if they find pests in your yard, around the exterior of your home, and inside the house. It is easier to control a pest situation if it is caught and dealt with right away.
  5. If you can inspect the property yourself or have a property management company inspect it for you, check behind appliances and along the perimeter of your home for cracks and places that pests can enter the house.
  6. Offer trash bins that are large enough to handle trash and recycling for everyone in the home.

A-One Exterminators can visit your rental home every month to make sure your house stays pest free while you aren’t living in it.  If you have questions about the potential of pests or mold in your home, our friendly technicians are glad to help!