Watch Out For These Winter Pests

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38455425_sNow that February is here, we will start seeing a bit of the ‘confused’ weather. This is the weather that is warm and sunny one day, and then cold and foggy the other.

February is a month where the seasons seem to transition between one another, and it can make things a little bit unpredictable. This is the month where you send your child to school in the morning wearing pants, a jacket, and sweatshirt, only to pick him up wearing a t-shirt and sweating.

Not only is February a confusing month for us, but it is confusing for wildlife as well. Some of the pests that you will see more activity from are:

  • Squirrels – The squirrels begin to move indoors during February and having their babies. Unfortunately, they sometimes like to have their babies in your attic or roof space. They are not exactly quiet either, so you will hear then running around early in the morning hours. If you are awakened at about 4am by the sound of something scurrying around in your attic, you probably have new roommates.
  • Mice – Mice are very active indoors all winter long and, especially in February as the weather warms up a bit. You will start to notice them moving from their nesting place inside of your home to the outdoors for food and water. The warm weather inspires them to move to the outside and, while they will do this at night to avoid detection, you might be able to hear them moving around during the day time.
  • Raccoons – These guys move around all year around but, this is the time of the year when you are most likely to find them in your garage getting after the dog food, or under the house hiding from a predator. If raccoons nest under your home, you will most likely hear them being active between 8pm and 4am. And, you will most likely hear them knocking over your garbage cans. Raccoons are not quiet or, tactful.

The best way to avoid a pest infestation around or inside of your home – especially from these critters – is always to make sure that areas and crawlspaces are blocked off. You can have a professional inspection of your home by a pest control technician, who will identify any areas that are at risk of being penetrated by a small animal looking for shelter.