End Of Summer Pest Prevention Tips

A-One Exterminators

39337284_sAs the summer comes to a close, and the first day of fall is just around the corner, outdoor pests will start to come indoors to look for warmth and shelter from the fall weather. Unfortunately, your home is the perfect environment for many unwanted pests to nest. To combat a fall pest infestation, follow these simple tips for pest-proofing your home before fall arrives:

  • When checking for areas around the outside of your home where pests might be able to get indoors, no hole or crack is too small. In fact, it is recommended that you take a hand mirror around the entire perimeter of your home and check the underside of your siding. If you see any kind of gap or space, make sure to seal it off or fill it using an expandable filler. Make sure the product that you use is waterproof and approved for use with the material that your siding is made from.
  • Look around all doors and windows for gaps. This includes any basement windows, pedestrian doors into your garage or utility shop, and other entrances. Use weather stripping to seal off these openings and make sure that any cracks or gaps are completely blocked. Tip: before you apply a weather stripping that has an adhesive on it, clean the surface you are applying it to so that it sticks properly.
  • Go outside and find your dryer vent. Make sure that the damp is not broken or damaged. Also, check to make sure there isn’t any lint that is preventing the damper from closing completely. Look around the surface where the vent comes flush to the wall and inspect for cracks or gaps. Seal anything you find that could be an entry point for pests.
  • Schedule an inspection by a professional exterminator. A thorough inspection of your home and property will give you a clear idea of any areas that are vulnerable to pests, so that you can address these areas and keep the pests outdoors.

The name of the game during these few weeks before the fall season arrives is prevention. Keeping pests from getting into your home is a big job but, one that is more than worth the time and attention. Follow these tips to get your home pest-proof before summer officially closes.