3 Common House Pests

A-One Exterminators

19164071_sWhile we all appreciate the balance to the ecosystem that bugs provide – no one wants to share a home with them. Not only do they give the creepy-crawlies but, often times household pests are unsanitary and can cause health concerns if they are inside of your home. Not to mention the physical damage to the structure of your house that some of them can cause. Here are some of the most common household pests and how you can keep them under control:

Cockroaches. Did you get the chills just reading that word? No one likes to think about ‘roaches’ being inside of their home. In fact, roaches are associated with having a dirty home that is unsanitary. While roaches do prefer homes that are cluttered because there are plenty of places to hide, they don’t exclusively move into untidy homes. These little pests will move into any home they can and they will destroy fabric, contaminate food, and they could even carry diseases that are quite harmful to humans. Bug spray doesn’t do much in the way of controlling roaches, instead remove any sources of water or food, and do some spring cleaning to get rid of all clutter that they might appreciate hiding in. Opt for roach traps rather than bug spray.

Mice. While mice are much smaller and seemingly less harmful than rats – don’t be fooled, mice can do a significant amount of damage inside of a home. A single mouse coupling will reproduce ten times per year and will expand nest to accommodate the growing colony. This means chewing, burrowing, and destroying anything in their path, which can include electrical cords. Any source of food should be cleaned up and kept stored away. This includes pet food and dry goods stored in the pantry. Mice can squeeze through the smallest opening so any cracks or holes from leading to the outside should be filled with expandable insulation or other sealant. Traps and glue boards are effective in ridding your home of mice.

Termites. Spring is the time when termites become most active, after a dormant winter. These tiny little bugs can be either black, tan, or white and are known for destroying wood that has not been treated, stained, or painted. One termite can lay thousands of eggs a day, leading to unlimited colony growth and ultimate damage. There are several different species of termites and while the most applicable extermination technique will depend on the species you are infested with, all species of termites require professional removal.

Don’t let your home be overrun by pests this year. The key to avoiding an infestation is prevention – keep food stored away in containers, remove any standing water and repair all plumbing leaks, and clear clutter and vacuum weekly.