April Is Termite Month

A-One Exterminators

18319113_sWith the arrival of the month of April, homeowners must be on the lookout for the annual visit from the home-eating menace … the termite. This month kicks off the height of termite season because the temperature is perfect for termites to make a move out of their hiding places and into new locations to build their colonies. You might see the scout termites buzzing around and mistake them for flying ants. If you do see termite “swarmers” flying around, be mindful of these tips:

Location. Termites don’t sting and are not harmful to humans, so you can safely find where they are coming from on your property. Termites typically will build their nest in the ground, however, they prefer to burrow tunnels for their colonies into wood. Look for mud tunnels attached to your home or outbuildings. If you notice the flying termites indoors, you are probably already infested.

Lights Out. Just like most bugs, termites are attracted to light and will go straight to it. After the sun goes down, turn your outdoor lights on and pay attention to where the termites are coming from.

Professionals. If you think the termites are coming from your property, schedule a professional pest control company to come out and do an inspection. Termites are very difficult to get rid of on your own and it’s important to address the problem quickly as lost time could mean lost house.

Like A Good Neighbor. If you suspect that the termites are coming from your neighbor’s house, you should warn your neighbors and ask them to call an exterminator. Although it could take years for their termite problem to become your problem, you could ask a pest control expert about installing a bait system on your property as a precaution.

Be Proactive. To stay ahead of any termite infestation it is important for you to take some time several times throughout the year to inspect your home and property. While termites are most active during April and May, you will see signs of them having been around at any time of the year.

Your home is your sanctuary and where you and your family spend quality time during all seasons. However, spring time is an especially active time for barbequing, gardening, and water play in the yard. Don’t let termites ruin your spring activities, follow these simple steps and stay ahead of the swarm!