Spring Cleaning To Keep The Pests Away

A-One Exterminators

5291043_sSpring is just around the corner! While there are still some cold days to be had, it is time to take advantage of the warm weather as it creeps in and organize the garage, clean out the attic, and sweep the nooks and crannies of your home.

This is also a great time to take steps towards preventing pests from making your house their home. Here are some helpful Spring cleaning tips that you can take to keep the pests away:

  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Kitchen – During the Fall and Winter months when it is dark outside, you might not see some of the dirt and grime that is accumulating in your kitchen. However, once the sun is shining and you open your blinds and windows – there it is! Use strong products like bleach to clean in your pantry, cupboards, and around the refrigerator and stove. Make sure that all little bits of food are cleaned up and the surface is disinfected.
  2. Trim Bushes, Shrubs, and Trees – By keeping the landscaping around your house clean and tidy you eliminate hiding places for pests like rodents and they will be less likely to hang out.
  3. Keep Woodpiles Properly Stacked – It’s a great idea to stack and store firewood for next winter. However, make sure that your woodpile is properly stacked in an area that is away from your home.
  4. Eliminate Pooling Water – During your Spring cleaning efforts, pick a day where it has been raining and walk around your home to see if there are any areas where water has collected. Take steps to eliminate the standing water and prevent it from happening in future. These pools of water are the perfect place for mosquitos and other bugs to swarm – attracting pests that use these bugs as a food source.
  5. Get Rid of Yard Debris – Small animals like gophers, squirrels, rats, and birds use yard debris to make their nests. Keep these materials cleaned up will deter any critters from nesting in or near your home.
  6. Check Your Screens – The screens on your windows, crawl spaces, and foundation can easily become damaged or dislodged during the Fall and Winter due to heavy rain and debris. Use your Spring cleaning time to make sure that all of the screens around your home are intact and doing their job keeping pests out.

Your home is a comfortable and safe place for you and your family to spend time and regroup. Take the steps to make sure it doesn’t also become a comfortable and inviting place for bugs, critters, and other pests to move into! If you have any questions about pest prevention or treatment – feel free to call our office!