Are They Hiding: Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter?

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Mosquitoes hide winter

mosquitos hide winterHmm…

Not many people would usually care where mosquitoes go and hang out during winter (as long as they’re out of sight, that’s great). But still, wouldn’t it be nice to know where exactly they are hiding during those cold, winter months?

Yes, they ARE hiding – they’re never really gone. So if you’re thinking that you’re finally done with them, then you’ve got another thing coming.

Where are they hiding?

When the cold winds blow and the temperatures drop, mosquitoes stay in the same place where they stayed during the warmer seasons. The only difference is that during those warmer months, they’re usually buzzing around and causing nuisance whereas in winter they’re hiding under the warmth of leaves or any other dark and damp areas.

Adult Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes usually mate during the fall, after which the male mosquito dies and the female mosquito is left to endure the cold winter months by their lonesome. These soon-to-be mommy survive winter by hiding in their favorite spots like hollow logs and tree barks in addition to the ones mentioned above. As soon as spring comes, these female mosquitoes come out of their hiding places and start sucking the blood from any victim they can find. This is important because without blood, they won’t be able to develop their eggs. Once ready, the female mosquito lays her eggs on any stagnant water they can find.

Mosquito Eggs

There are also times when female mosquitoes lay their eggs during fall, and as small and weak as these eggs are, they are able to withstand the cold temperatures and live to see the spring. What happens is that when female mosquitoes lay their eggs and the water temperature drops, the eggs or the larvae go through a process of diapause where their metabolism and development are slowed down. As warmer weather approaches, the water temperature also increases, which then helps to restore and promote the development and hatching of the eggs.

So there. Not because you don’t see them means that they don’t exist. When spring comes, you can be sure that they will come back and start wreaking havoc all over again. Thus, if you really want to get rid of these blood-sucking and disease carrying insects, then consider having your lawn or backyard fumigated or cleaned by a professional pest control company.