Top Tips for Pest Control this Winter

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Pest control winter

pest control tips for winterIf you’ve successfully defended your homes against pests last spring and summer, then kudos to you. However, this does not meant that you can now relax your defenses because winter is also one of those times of year when your property is prone to infestation. In fact, many rodent and insect infestations happen this time of the year due to the dropping temperature and lack of food outside. So here we lists some of our top tips for ensuring that you’re homes are pest free this holiday season.

Put on your boots and inspect the outside of your homes, looking for any signs of infestation, like mounds and buildups near your house’s walls. You should also look for claw marks and fecal droppings, as this may mean that rodents and their other furry friends are trying to make their way into your homes. Look for holes on the walls and on the ground, should they try to burrow their way in. Inspect the trees in your yard or lawn as well, since these may serve as homes for the insects. Aside from that, check for tree limbs that reach pretty near your roof or windows, since mice and squirrels can use these to enter your chimneys and vents.

Speaking of chimneys and vents, you should also take time to barricade them with wire mesh or screens. Do the same for any other possible entry points to your house, like those where the pipes pass. It is also a good idea to check on the widows, especially down at the basement, and while there, you can also check and replace any loose bricks or mortar if any.

If you plan on lighting the fireplace this winter, then make sure that you stock your firewood outside your homes like in the shed. Make sure that there is ample distance – say twenty feet – away from your home. Firewood piles favorites of many insects, and they usually make their homes and breeding grounds there because of the stored moisture in the wood.

Lastly, be sure to keep your food safe by keeping them in plastic containers instead of the box they usually come in. Also, make sure to clean and dispose of your garbage properly and regularly. Remember that your food and garbage is one of the things that invite pests into your homes.

If you hear any unusual sounds like mice scurrying on your walls, or see fecal droppings on the floor and attic, it is best to contact a professional pest control company to deal with the problem right away and prevent them from becoming a full-blown problem.