7 Questions to Ask a Rodents Exterminator before Hiring

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pest-control-shawdowsRodents are some of the worst enemies of many homeowners. These pesky pests can chew on anything – from the upholstery and cushions of the furniture, to the wooden cabinets, and even on electrical wires hidden behind the walls and in the ceiling. There are very few things that can stand against the claws and teeth of these critters. And the worst part is that they never seem to go away – this is when you start calling in the experts.

Since rodents can be a very big problem, you want to make sure that you hire the best rodent exterminator available, and answering the following questions should be able to help you do that.

How many visits will it take?
It may be difficult for the company to tell you exactly how many, but they should give you an assurance that the problem will be solved within a specific number of days or weeks.

What methods are to be used?
There are many ways to catch a rodent, the most common being poison and traps. Be sure to know what they will use and show them to you as well as where they will be placed.

Are the chemicals safe?
If the company says that they will use poison, you need to ask them how safe they are, especially when you have small kids and pets at home.

What can I do to help?
It is sometimes tempting to clean the house after a pest control treatment, but some companies do not recommend this unless you wash or clean away the chemicals that they applied. Be sure to ask how long will you have to wait before cleaning so as to maximize the effect of the chemicals.

Did you service any of my neighbors before?
If they said yes, go to your neighbour and ask how well the treatment went, and if the rodents were totally removed from their house.

Is there a guarantee?
Guarantees are very important, especially in cases where the problems recur. If the problem does recur you want a guarantee that will send the exterminator back your home and get rid of the pest for free.

How much will it cost?
The price is a big consideration when it comes to rodent extermination. If you think that the company is charging too much, then you can call another company and compare their prices.