Have rat problems?

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Stopping Your Rat Problem

rat-problemLong thought of as dirty, disgusting animals, rats are found in almost every region of the world and are notorious for causing damage to residential and commercial buildings. They are much larger than mice, but are still adept at getting through small cracks and crevices.

Like their smaller brethren, rats have collapsible skeletons, which allow them to squeeze inside spaces other rodents cannot. When the entry point is too large, they will use their sharp teeth and strong jaws for gnawing. The rate at which a determined rat can do this is astounding, particularly ones which have caught a scent trail or are seeking shelter from the elements. It is not hard to tell when you have a rat problem in your home. Though cunning, these pests are not good at covering their tracks.

The first thing to look for is pellet shaped feces that are approximately the size of a raisin. Anything smaller and a mouse is the culprit. Given their larger size, mice traps and products are not effective for stopping a rat problem. Instead of killing the rodent on contact like a mousetrap does, a rat will only be injured.

Know the Why
Having worked a long time in this industry, at Al’s Exterminators we do our best to educate customers about the importance of pest prevention. Despite what measures you take in regards to ousting the rodents, there is no guarantee the issue is resolved permanently. It is the natural instinct of any animal to search for food and shelter; rats have a heightened sense of smell and can detect it from far away.

Forgetting to clean up after a weekend barbeque or leaving the kitchen windows open with food on the counter is enough to draw them in. Once the immediate threat has been resolved, cut off the source. Always keep a lid on your garbage can, and weigh it down for good measure to stop other critters like raccoons from getting in.

Inspect the interior and exterior perimeter of your home for potential entry points. Doors and windows are the best place to start. Use caulking around water pipes and frames. Remember, these preventative measures are the most important in keeping rats away. If you suspect there may still be rats living in your home, give us a call today!