Can Fleas Really Survive in the Wintertime? Oh, Yes They Can!

A-One Exterminators

8925339_sPeople assume that fleas can’t be a problem in the winter because it’s cold, but the truth is, fleas can survive all year round inside your home; they can go months without a meal! Fleas can live in the cracks of your wood floors, or even under the carpet, but what’s worse – they can lay eggs here, there, and everywhere. Add the warmth of your home during the winter – and you could have a new generation of fleas in the spring! Pets can also get fleas in the wintertime, so if you stop your summertime flea protection for your canine friends every fall, it may be time to re-think that strategy, particularly if you have multiple animals in your house. That said, winter is also the ideal time to take care of any flea problem you may be having once and for all. In the winter flea numbers are low, and they aren’t as active as they are in the summertime. Call A-One Exterminators and ask about our year-round flea control plan today!