Don’t Cancel Your Pest Control Services Just Because It’s Winter!

A-One Exterminators

17584123_sJust because there’s a chill in the air or some snow on the ground, don’t imagine for a moment that bugs and critters magically disappear during the winter months! No, they don’t hibernate, conveniently waiting for nice warm weather to start invading your home and property again. Believe it or not, we’ve gotten calls mid-winter, with snow on the ground,  about invasions of ants – you know, those ants that you usually only see in the summer? Yes, exactly – those ants. The problem most people don’t take into consideration is that, during the winter months, pests are doing exactly what you’re doing – huddling inside, trying to stay warm. And the warmest place is – your home. They have perfected the art of hiding in plain sight, and this is why it pays to stay current with your pest control schedule. If you had a bad bug invasion last year, continuing pest control services over the winter will help limit and contain the outbreak next summer. So, when we’re asked, “Is it really necessary to have pest control year round?” our answer is – absolutely!