So You Have Ear-What’s?

A-One Exterminators


20982858_sEarwigs are common around our area here in Oregon, and look more alarming than they actually are. Still, finding a colony of them under your sink is an unpleasant surprise. These bugs are fairly large, about ¾’s of an inch long, and they have large pincers on the end of their abdomen. Apparently, the name “earwig” comes from the old believe that a female earwig will bore into a sleeping persons ear and lay eggs there. This is false, but that’s how relatively innocent bugs get bad reputations. Earwigs like damp areas, under piles of leaves, mulch, compost, under sinks, in basements, etc. When they’re found inside, it’s because they’ve accidentally (yes, accidentally, they don’t mean to be pests!) gotten in during dry weather or early fall – seeking moisture. They don’t cause damage to structures or household items, their only negative impact is that they may chew on outdoor spring seedlings a bit, but otherwise, they’re completely harmless. They are simply a nuisance. An earwig treatment would involve the treating baseboards, cracks, and crevices with appropriate insecticides, though this will not prevent the insects from coming in. What is more effective in keeping them at bay is to seal outer cracks around the lower foundation of your home, and – what is even more effective than that – is to move their favorite hangouts – damp wood, mulch, or leaf piles – away from your home.