An Unwanted Christmas Gift – Christmas Tree Critters!

A-One Exterminators

17002050_sReal Christmas trees are wonderful, fragrant, and often full of unwanted pests that you might not care to have under your tree on Christmas morning! Coniferous trees may attract a variety of small insects that aren’t easily visible. Aphids are common pests of evergreen trees; being brought inside where it’s warm will make aphid eggs think it’s spring again and time to hatch. Mites, bark beetles, and praying mantis’ all inhabit Christmas trees. Everything that comes inside with your Christmas tree is harmless, but you may not want them joining in with your festivities. To prevent this, do the following things; first, shake your Christmas tree vigorously. Second, spray it down with your garden hose; use a hard nozzle spray that will knock any bugs out. You’ll need to let your tree dry for a day or so, but it will smell positively wonderful when you do bring it inside!