Fungus-Gnats & Drain-Flys – Oh No!

A-One Exterminators

17665581_sAt A-One Exterminators, we pretty much see the world as filled with bugs, because – well, that’s our job! Because we keep up with the latest technology and science on all things in the wide world of bugs, we have seen a growing link between bug infestations and the growth of mold in a home. We’ve discovered that new insect species never remotely connected to mold before, are actually caused by the growth of mold and mildew in homes. This is certainly true of fungus-gnats and drain-flys. It has always been thought that these pests were outside invaders that accidentally found their way inside and multiplied, but the fact is that – when you see these bugs – it’s a sign that some other problem exists in your home, and that is – mold! Both fungus-gnats and drain-flys are actually very, very small species of flies, but both of them need a proliferation of damp and moist to take hold and populate a home. The areas around or beneath leaking plumbing, perhaps under a kitchen sink or, the worst, inside of walls where pipes and fittings have begun to leak, are areas that lure fungus-gnats to create a breeding ground. Drain-flys actually need larger build-ups of wet, clumping material to start up, and they often find this in drains that don’t have water running through them on a regular basis. As with the mold mites, these tiny, “no-see-um” kind of bugs don’t bite or harm structural materials, but they do create the airborne allergen haze that contributes to so many allergies. And again, finding, eliminating, and preventing future mold is the way to control this tiny population of unwelcome guests, and A-One will be happy to help you return your home – and your air – to clean, allergen-free, purity!