So You Have Ear-What’s?

  Earwigs are common around our area here in Oregon, and look more alarming than they actually are. Still, finding a colony of them under your sink is an unpleasant surprise. These bugs are fairly large, about ¾’s of an … Continued

An Unwanted Christmas Gift – Christmas Tree Critters!

Real Christmas trees are wonderful, fragrant, and often full of unwanted pests that you might not care to have under your tree on Christmas morning! Coniferous trees may attract a variety of small insects that aren’t easily visible. Aphids are … Continued

Fungus-Gnats & Drain-Flys – Oh No!

At A-One Exterminators, we pretty much see the world as filled with bugs, because – well, that’s our job! Because we keep up with the latest technology and science on all things in the wide world of bugs, we have … Continued

A New Mold Worry – Mold Mites!

Mites have not been associated with mold before, but now it has been discovered that the tiny white and tan “bugs” that people are finding swarming over surfaces are actually “mold mites.” They are attracted by and thrive in moist, … Continued

Mold + Wallpaper = A Feast For Silverfish!

Wallpaper creates damp environments, and mold often thrives in cool, dark spaces.  That is a combination that’s almost impossible for silverfish to resist. Silverfish can be hard to detect because they’re small and nocturnal; you generally only know they’re there … Continued