Eerie Earwigs In My House

The common pincer bug:  Earwigs As menacing as they appear, earwigs are annoying garden nuisances that often find their way inside apartments and homes. Commonly known as pincer bugs due to their long set of pinching mandibles, these pests feed … Continued

When Bed Bugs Attack

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of, like a plague If there is one pest that strikes fear and disgust into the hearts of every homeowner, it is the bed bug. The night time nursery rhyme you heard as … Continued

Protect Your House From Insect Invasion

Don’t let insects and other vermin bug you Consider these easy-to-follow tips to safely inspect and pest-proof your home, from your Eugene pest control experts. The acronym INSPECT can be an easy way to remember the steps to quality pest … Continued

The Black Widow – a Spider You Don’t Want to Meet!

Most people have an aversion to spiders that can amount to paranoia (think Woody Allen being called in to handle a spider in “Annie Hall”)! It’s unfortunate, as 98% of all spiders are perfectly harmless, and many are actually advantageous. … Continued

Pantry Pests!

There’s nothing quite so disturbing as starting to make pancakes for your family on a Sunday morning, and opening a box of pancake mix to discover it’s crawling with tiny bugs. Then, as you start frantically going through your other … Continued

Termites: an Introduction

Termites are small insects, about the same size as ants, that feed on dead plant material and – unfortunately – the wood in your home! Americans spend about $5 billion ever year on termite treatments, and repairing the damage termites … Continued

A Brief History of Pest Extermination!

The term “pesticide” has been given a bad rap. In actuality, the dictionary meaning of the term is – any substance that is used to control pests. “Insecticide” may be more accurate, but it’s a broad term that includes “herbicides” … Continued