3 Ways To Keep Yellow Jackets From Your Home

During this time of late summer there are two main pests to be concern with in your yard and around your home: ants and yellow jackets. Ants are a nuisance but, they are relatively harmless whereas, yellow jackets can be … Continued

3 Ways To Contain An Ant Infestation

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Summertime Pests: Mosquitoes and Ticks

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How To Stop Summer Bugs From Moving In

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Signs Of Carpenter Ants

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3 Common House Pests

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How To Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home

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3 Signs Of Termite Damage

Spring is here and that means warm weather and more outdoor activity. This is true not only for us, but for termites. Each year more than 600,000 homes in the US are damaged by termites. Often times, homeowners don’t even … Continued

April Is Termite Month

With the arrival of the month of April, homeowners must be on the lookout for the annual visit from the home-eating menace … the termite. This month kicks off the height of termite season because the temperature is perfect for … Continued