When Spiders Take Over Your Home

While any insect infestation is a nightmare for any homeowners, spiders bring a new level of disaster to your home. Letting spider infestations continue for a long period of time after noticing the infestation can lead to major damage to … Continued

What Attracts Termites to Your Home?

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4 Signs of a Spider Infestation

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Some Pests You May Need to Deal With This Spring

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Springtime Cleaning Tips to Prevent Pests

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5 Signs You Have a Bat Infestation

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4 Myths About Mold

What You Need to Know About Mold: Debunking Myths   While performing spring cleaning, one of the biggest unexpected surprises you’ll find is mold. While mold affects the well-being of your home and is a hygiene issue, as well as … Continued

Oregon’s Most Hated Household Pests

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What Happens to Mosquitoes in Winter?

Mosquitoes are a common summer pest, but what happens to them when the weather turns colder? Not all species just die off, and viruses like Zika can pass on through the eggs. Here’s a look at the life cycle of … Continued