What Happens to Mosquitoes in Winter?

Mosquitoes are a common summer pest, but what happens to them when the weather turns colder? Not all species just die off, and viruses like Zika can pass on through the eggs. Here’s a look at the life cycle of a mosquito and how you can get rid of the larvae in your yard.


Mosquito Lifecycle


There are a few different species of mosquitoes, and they all handle the cold weather differently. As the temperatures drop, some female mosquitoes lay one last batch of eggs in any standing water they can find and then go off to die. The eggs last the winter in the frozen puddle in a state like suspended animation. When the temperatures start to rise again, the eggs start to develop into mosquito larvae. Other species simply find a hole and hibernate for the winter.


Remove Standing Water


One of the best ways to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard is by removing any standing water. Low spots in the yard tend to collect melting snow, and overturned toys and patio furniture offer standing water for waiting eggs. Removing as many of these opportunities as possible will keep the mosquitoes at bay.


Unclog Gutters


Another popular place for mosquitoes to lay eggs is in the gutters. Regular cleaning of the gutters helps to keep the water moving through the gutters, avoiding standing water. By removing the leaves and debris from the gutters, you take away the opportunity for the insects to lay their eggs. If you cannot reach your gutters, have a professional come and clean them for you to enjoy a more mosquito-free spring.


Drill Holes for Drainage


If there are places in your yard that gather standing water, be sure to drill holes in the bottom surface to allow for proper drainage. Tire swings, wheelbarrows, and trash cans are all perfect examples. Small holes drilled in the bottom of the can help the water to flow out, taking away the opportunity for standing water.


As the colder weather sets in, now is the time to declare war on the mosquitoes in your yard. If you are looking for help with your pest control, call A-One Exterminators. We can help you find and eliminate all the sources of standing water to remove the threat of mosquitoes when the warm weather returns. Give us a call today to start.  

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