Four Surprise Winter Guests You Didn’t Realize You Had

We love to welcome family and friends for parties or for visits, but what other guests are we welcoming into our homes without realizing it? Discover some unwelcome guests that might be invading your Southern Oregon home and what steps you can take to stop or remove them.


Winged Carpenter Ants

Ants in a home rarely mean good things. Winged carpenter ants are some of the worst, especially if you find them indoors during winter. Seeing these during the cold months means you likely have a nest somewhere in the home.



Flies are some of the most annoying indoor pests. More common in the summer, some varieties may find your home enticing in the winter, including the cluster, fruit, and moth fly varieties. Fruit flies tend to hitch a ride on fruit and veggies. Moth flies love to circle drains and, though they cause no real damage, they can become quite a nuisance when they appear in force.


German Cockroaches

The most common variety of cockroach in the world is the German cockroach. These pests thrive in small spaces close to food and moisture. They exacerbate allergies and spread bacteria and disease. If you see one during winter, it could mean you have a water problem somewhere or that pests have found a nice, cozy place to live deep in your home.


House Mice

By far the most commonly encountered rodent in the United States, these critters nest in dark, closed off areas, like attics or inside walls. They can chew through almost anything, including wiring, which increases your chances of a fire. The openings these mice create can also let energy escape and more pests in. They also breed like crazy, so if you see one, you can bet there are more.


The best approach to dealing with these pests is to call a professional. They can inspect your home, identify all potential pests you may be playing host to, and work out a plan to deal with them all at once.


If you find yourself in need of a professional pest service, give A-One Exterminators in Southern Oregon a call today to schedule your free estimate.

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