A One Exterminators Eugene Pest Control Service

A-One Exterminators have been the first and foremost exterminator that home owners in Eugene rely on for all their pest control needs for many years. This is because we believe in doing an exceptional job, getting it right the first time and creating a pest free home for all of our important customers. When you call A-One Exterminators of Eugene, we offer an initial free pest inspection so that you can know what pests you may have before the work gets started. When you think you may have pests, call the friendly and knowledgeable pest control experts at A-One Exterminators of Eugene!

Pest Control
There are many unwanted pests in the Eugene area, and A-One Exterminators has been the one that most home owners call, regardless of what kind of pest you have. We are experts at everything from spiders and wasps, to rodents like mice and rats all the way to termites and carpenter ants. While some pests are simply annoying, many can create problems for you and your family and others can create extensive damage to your home and furniture, so it is important to rely on the professionals who know how to handle every different kind of pest and advise you on how to keep your home pest free in the future. Whatever kind of pest you have, call the experts at A-One Exterminators today!

Of all the pests that you can find in your Eugene home, perhaps the most disturbing is that of rodents. Rats and mice are not only scary and disgusting to find in the home, they are also disease carrying pests that can create illness for you and your family. Because rodents tend to scatter all over your home in the dark when you don’t know it, it is difficult to know how many surfaces they touched and what germs they brought with them. That is why it is important to call on the professionals and get rid of rodents as soon as you notice them. Store bought traps and devices are often ineffective because rodents gravitate toward familiar objects, which traps most certainly are not. That is why trusting in the professionals is a much more fast acting solution to this unwanted problem. A-One Exterminators of Eugene will also help you make sure your home is protected against infestation of rodents in the future by sealing all holes in your home that could be entryways for mice and rats. Lastly, it is important for Eugene home owners to make sure food is never left out, because often rodents enter a home looking for food. If you have any kind of rodent, call the rodent experts of A-One Exterminators right away.

Home owners all over Eugene have many things to worry about in regards to the safety of their home. Unfortunately, the possibility of termites is one of those worries. Termites feed off of environments that provide food, moisture, shelter and an optimal temperature which can be found in any home in all areas of Eugene. Even more unfortunately, by the time a home owner finds out they have termites, the damage is usually quite extensive and in need of immediate repair. Termites can bite off large amounts of wood with their tiny mouths and continue to do this day in and day out, leaving behind them devastation for the home owners of Eugene. A-One Exterminators of Eugene offers a thorough termite inspection where we will determine if you have termites and how severe the problem is. After removing the termite infestation, we will then help you to try and make your home less desirable for future termite colonies, so that your home can be better protected.

Carpenter Ants
Many home owners of Eugene consider carpenter ants to be just a mild nuisance but not necessary a threat to the safety of their home. While this can be true to a point, carpenter ants do create damage to your wood home that can lead to expensive repairs if they are not located and removed in a timely manner. While carpenter ants do not eat the wood that surrounds their nest, they do damage it by removing it in an effort to leave the smooth surface they prefer. Obviously removing wood from your home has a tendency to create structural damage. At A-One Exterminators of Eugene, we have been taking care of pesky carpenter ant problems for home owners for many years. We understand the importance of quickly locating the nest, chemically treating it and then making the area’s climate less desirable for future colonies of carpenter ants, so that you do not have future infestations.