4 Signs of a Spider Infestation

One of the most common Southern Oregon pests you will see, not just around springtime, but
throughout the year, is spiders. These arachnids hide around parts of your house or business, and
if left alone, they can become an annoyance and even increase the possibility of a deadly or
hazardous spider bite. If you want to prevent a spider infestation in your residence or commercial
building, look around your home for the following signs.

Many Spiders

This seems somewhat obvious, but if you notice an increased presence of spiders in your
building, it is a reliable sign of a spider infestation. You may notice these spiders during your
normal routine. If you are actively looking for these arachnids, search for dark corners, crevices,
and overall damp and obscure places to confirm if there is a multitude of spiders.

Spider Webs

Spider webs come in all sizes and shapes, from small and fragile, to large and strong, and even
some funnel shapes. The types of webs you’ll see depend on the type of spider. If you see an
increasing quantity of webs near a building’s window sills, the backyard, the garden, or
anywhere in your business or office, you might have a spider problem.

Spider Egg Sacs

The continuous presence of spider egg sacs indicates that there are is an infestation, and that it’s
about to become worse. Spiders tend to mate, lay these eggs, and create silk sacs that house up to
100 eggs. You can find these sacs in the safety of webs, crevices, surfaces, and secluded areas.

Other Pests

Spiders often serve as a form of pest control by feeding on other types of pests, such as ants,
flies, other insects, and even other, smaller spiders. If you already have another pest in your
residential or commercial building, you can expect the presence of spiders as well. Conversely, a
spider infestation is a sign of another insect or arachnid infestation that’s affecting the building.

Whether you notice these signs around your Oregon home or commercial building or are actively
trying to prevent an infestation, it is likely that you will need a professional exterminator to rid
your house from these arachnids.

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